All Hawai‘i Stands with Lahaina to Uphold Water Protections

Image of press conference at state capitol

Native Hawaiian community leaders speak in support of Lahaina, the Water Code, and ousted Water Commission staff, Kaleo Manuel, at a press conference at the Hawai’i State Capitol.

Community leaders from across the pae ‘āina o Hawai‘i nei are speaking up in support of the Water Commission taking decisive action to reinstate the ousted Deputy Director of the Water Commission, Kaleo Manuel, and uphold the Water Code. The Water Code was established to counteract the abuse of Hawai‘i’s precious freshwater by profit-seeking corporations, like luxury real estate developers.  Since the wildfires in Maui, key large landowners have been trying to take more than their fair share of water. West Maui Land Company went so far as to scapegoat the Deputy Director for the Water Commission, Kaleo Manuel, who has been working hard to ensure curtail water wasting by corporations that divert water for non-essential uses.

The working families of Lahaina — Native Hawaiians, long-time residents, and recent immigrants — are working to ensure the fair sharing of water in Maui Komohana (West Maui).  Please support their efforts.

Take Action Now

Submit testimony to the Water Commission (link to sample testimony). Hearing dates September 19 and October 17, 2023.

Sign Petition In Support of Kaleo Manuel, Maui Komohana Water Management Area, the State Water Code, and the Residents of Lahaina (external link)

Call your senator!  Ask them to hold Dawn Chang accountable. As the entity that confirms the Governor’s agency appointments, they have the power to shine a light on wrong doing at the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

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Go Deep

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